Journal of Basic and Clinical Reproductive Sciences

Journal of Basic and Clinical Reproductive Sciences
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Some Medicinal Plants with Anti-Fertility Potential: A Current Status

Author(s): Ramandeep Singh*, Satinder Kakar, Manisha Shah and Rishab Jain

The increase in population is becoming a comprehensive dilemma, causing much pressure on economic, social and natural assets. Oral contraceptive agents have improved the rate of infertility but their unusual side effects limit the use. Current antifertility therapy lacks satisfactory success due to this adverse effect; hence, patients are seeking complementary and alternative medicine for anti-fertility action. Ayurveda and other Indian literature mention the use of plants in various human ailments. India has about more than 45000 plant species and among them several thousand are claimed to possess medicinal properties. Researchers conducted in the last few decades on the plants mentioned in ancient literature or used traditionally for anti-fertility action. This review reveals that some plants and their part used having anti-fertility action, which are helpful for researcher to develop new herbal anti-fertility formulations. In the recent years, interest in drugs of plant origin has been progressively increased.

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