Journal of Basic and Clinical Reproductive Sciences Journal of Basic and Clinical Reproductive Sciences a publication of Society of Reproductive Biologist of Nigeria, is a peer-reviewed online journal with Semiannual print on demand compilation of issues published. Journal of Basic and Clinical Reproductive Sciences Volume 5, Issue 2 Microdeletion of Ychromosome and Their High Impact on Male Infertility Saxena and Gupta A Review on the Incidence Interaction and Future Perspective on Zika Virus Lukman Olalekan Afolabi, Musbahu Muhammad Sani, Wahab Oluwanisola Okunowo Titrated Misoprostol Versus Dinoprostone for Labor Induction Amr H. Yehia, Ihab H. Abd El‑Fattah, Karam M. Bayoumy, Ibrahim A. Abdelazim, Yasser Elshehawy, Noha H. Rabei, Sherif E. M. Daoud, A. Essam Effect of Progesterone Therapy versus Diet Modification on Constipation during Pregnancy Mohamed M. Farghali, Ibrahim A. Abdelazim, Ahmed M. Awadalla, Amr A. Aziz Khalifa, Yasser Elshehawy, A. E. Omu, Assem A. M. Elbiaa Contraceptiveseeking Behavior of Women Attending Antenatal Care in a Developing Country A Veritable Tool for Slowing Population Growth Ejiro Carol Iwuoha, Evangeline T. Oparaocha, Hulda Ijeoma Nwokeukwu Inverse Correlation between Insulinlike Growth Factor1 and Leptin Levels in Preeclampsia P. Panjeta, V. S. Ghalaut, J. Bala, S. Nanda, Simmi Kharb Influence of Educational Level on Knowledge and Practice of Breast Selfexamination Among Women in Sokoto Nigeria Abdurrahman Muhammad Sani, Florence Naab, Lydia Aziato Filariasis in Pregnancy Prevalent yet Lessknown Global Health Burden Garugubilli Chandrakala, Momina Zulfeen